Sicilian Santo Stefano 9.5” Signore e Signora Head Vase Pair

With jewels and crowns and fruit like lemons, grapes, oranges, plums, and pomegranates around their heads, each of these grand pieces of Italian pottery, or maiolica, adds true statement to the home. Each ceramic Testa di Moro vase was handmade and hand-painted by La Giara of Santo Stefano di Camastra, Sicily, Italy. It was hand thrown, and the glaze was then added by the artisan. Like all ceramics from Italy, the heads from Sicily tell a story. They hail from the island that is rich with history and mythology from many cultures. With their grand baroque style, the tradition of the heads most likely originated in the area of Palermo at the end of Arab rule in Sicily.

The tallest of these two vases is 9.5″ tall, 6.5″ at its widest point, and the opening is 5″ in diameter from outer rim to outer rim. Measurements are approximate.

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