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Welcome to our selection of Italian pottery platters, serving trays, and antipasto serving dishes. Each one was handcrafted and hand-painted by master artisans in Italy from whom we have been importing for decades. We have platters from the Italian regions of Tuscany, Umbria, Campania, Apulia, and Sicily.

If you are looking for decorative wall plates or dinner plates that are 12″ or smaller in diameter, we have a Plates section in our Shop Italian Ceramics menu under Decor + Dinnerware.

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Frutta Toscana 17X11” Oval Serving/Wall Platter
Frutta Toscana 17X13” Oval Serving/Wall Platter
Deruta Raffaellesco 12" Round Serving/Wall Platter
Deruta Raffaellesco 15X11" Scalloped Oval Serving Platter
Deruta Raffaellesco 12X6" Serving Tray
Deruta Raffaellesco 11X5" Serving Tray
Deruta Raffaellesco 7X4" Serving Tray
Deruta Raffaellesco 15X15" Square Scalloped Serving/Wall Platter
Ginostra Sicily 14” Round Serving/Wall Platter
Ginostra Sicily 15X11” Oval Serving/Wall Platter
Deruta Limone e Foglie 16” Round Serving/Wall Platter
Deruta Limone e Foglie 16.5X12.5” Oval Serving/Wall Platter
Deruta Royal Ambra 17X9.5” Rectangular Serving/Wall Platter
Deruta Royal Ambra 15X15" Scalloped Square Serving/Wall Platter
Deruta Royal Ambra 16" Round Serving/Wall Platter
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