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Bonechi Imports is a Direct Importer of Authentic Italian Pottery

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We are more than happy to help you find the right Italian ceramics from the selection we have chosen as a family.

High-Quality Hand Painted Italian Ceramics at Competitive Prices
Known as Maiolica, the Italian Ceramics we import are handcrafted by artisans in Italy who have trained for years to hone their skill in a craft handed down by generations of tradition. Read more
Direct Importers From Italy
We have been working with some artisans for decades, building strong relationships along the way and sometimes working with them to create new designs. Every year, we travel to Italy to select new ceramics to be shipped with favorites and one-of-a-kind beauties back to the United States for us to ship to you. See more
Family Owned Business Since 1984
Our relationship with the artisans and our customers is of utmost importance. Someone in our family does everything from customer service to packing. We take great pride in what we offer to you on this site. We hope you enjoy our selection. Read more
Authentic Made in the Town and Region Listed
From Deruta to Sicily, we guarantee every piece was handcrafted and hand-painted by the artisan in the town and region stated in the piece's title or on the product page. Some of the designs date back to the Renaissance. Some are modern. The ceramics made by different artisans can complement each other beautifully. See more

Ceramics By Pattern

Some patterns date all the way back to the Renaissance. Some are more modern interpretations. We offer patterns from all over Italy with in a wide range of colors. There is something for everyone, from traditional to new, from lemons and other fruit to geometric patterns to birds and other animals.

  1. Animal Pattern
  2. Antico Geometrico
  3. Arabesco
  4. Bees in The Orchard
  5. Cerasa
  6. Country Birds
  7. Enna
  8. Fior di Limone
  9. Fiori Foglie Fruttine
  10. Frutta Deruta
  11. Frutta Piena
  12. Frutta Toscana
  13. Fuoco
  14. Galletto
  15. Ginostra
  16. Girasoli
  17. Grapes
  18. Holmquist Designs
  19. Landscape
  20. Limone e Foglie
  21. Limoni di Sicilia
  22. Olive
  23. Pantelleria
  24. Papavero
  25. Penna di Pavone
  26. Pesce Variopinto
  27. Raffaellesco
  28. Ricco
  29. Rinascimento
  30. Royal
  31. Sole
Ceramics By Pattern

Ceramics By Town or Region

We work with artisans in the centers of Italian ceramics, from Deruta to Santo Stefano di Camastra. We include the region or town in which each piece was handcrafted or hand painted in its name because of the importance of the maiolica’s origin.

  1. Apulia
  2. Grottaglie
  3. Campania
  4. Vietri Sul Mare
  5. Sicily
  6. Santo Stefano di Camastra
  7. Caltagirone
  8. Palermo
  9. Tuscany
  10. San Gimignano
  11. Montelupo Fiorentino
  12. The Chianti Region
  13. Umbria
  14. Deruta
  15. Gubbio

Ceramics By Artisan

Much like Bonechi Imports is a family business, passing from generation to generation, such is the case with many of the artisans with whom we have been working for decades, some since the early 1980s. We are proud of the quality and variety of the maiolica we import from these highly skilled and talented artisans.

  1. Ceramiche Di Sicilia
  2. Elena Ricciardi
  3. Favaroni Carlo Deruta
  4. Fratantoni
  5. Giacomo Alessi
  6. La Chimera
  7. La Giara
  8. Labor Deruta
  9. Marino
  10. Monteforte
  11. Mori
  12. ND Dolfi
  13. Pia Formato
  14. Rampini
  15. Sberna
  16. Tuscia
  17. Zuma
Ceramics By Artisan

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