Puglia Rhyton Inspired Wall Hanging: Rooster

Here is a conversation piece like no other! The rhyton will bring you back to the ancient days of the Minonans, the Persians, the Greeks, and, yes, to Puglia in the era BC as well. The rhyton was a vessel from which libations such as wine were ceremonially drunk. As you can see, the drinker could not rest the vessel on the table so they were to drink the entire contents in a festive act. The rhyton was usually in the shape of an animal’s head as this one is. We encourage you to explore the history behind these pieces, for it is indeed vast and interesting and includes ancient myths and traditions. We believe this Pugliese recreation, hand-painted in Grottaglie, Puglia, Italy, would be best suited as wall décor.

This Italian ceramic wall art piece is 13.5” long, from the tip of its nose, and its back, the opening, has a 6” diameter. Measurements are approximate.

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