Gubbio Rinascimento 9″ Cappello da Prete Musician Wall Plate with Violin Player

Gubbio was a center of Italian pottery production during the Renaissance. Contemporary production respects traditional methods and designs. This plate’s name translates to the “priest’s hat” because of its small bowl shape in the middle and flat, wide edges.

During the Renaissance, sauces were put in the middle of such plates, while cheese and meat were arranged around the edge to be dipped into the sauces. In effect, these plates are excellent for serving antipasti like vegetables with dip or pinzimonio in Italian. This plate is beautiful as decor.

Please let us know in the comment section of checkout if you would like us to wrap a wire around the back section of this piece to hang it as wall decor.

It is 9″ in diameter. Measurements are approximate.

Product Code: GPMM3

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