ND Dolfi

The workshop of N.D. Dolfi was founded in 1941 by Giovanni Dolfi. When we first met his son, Sig. Silvano Dolfi of Montelupo Fiorentino, Tuscany, and saw his work, we were witness to ceramics as we had never seen them before. They mixed nature with industrial influence and tradition with innovation. In his own words:

“We do not follow market trends, nor do we seek to keep ahead of them. Rather, our products result from our love of this craft and our constant search for originality. We feel that we are the offspring of an old tradition but with our eyes open to changes in tastes and ever ready to meet the requirements of our customers.”

His passion, creativity, and skill have been passed down to his daughters, Daria and Natalia. We are pleased to be working with them and importing their authentic handmade Italian pottery. These pieces are made to be used for decorative purposes only.

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Tuscan ND Dolfi 26” Sunflower Wall Art
Tuscan ND Dolfi 5" Owl Candlestick
Tuscan ND Dolfi 7.25X7.25" Square Box
Tuscan ND Dolfi 8.5" Woman on Guffo Owl Candlestick
Tuscan ND Dolfi 8.5X5.5" Rectangular Box
Tuscan ND Dolfi 8" 5-Handled Cachepot
Tuscan ND Dolfi 9.5" Cachepot Planter
Tuscan ND Dolfi 9.5" Utensil Holder/Cachepot with Pears
Tuscan ND Dolfi Angel Decorative Wall Bracket
Tuscan ND Dolfi Angel Wall Pocket Planter
Tuscan ND Dolfi Nativity Scene Inkwell
Tuscan ND Dolfi Finial
Tuscan ND Dolfi 5-Section Pigna Style Utensil Holder
Tuscan ND Dolfi Large Orcio Urn/Floor Vase
Tuscan ND Dolfi Large Pigna Style Orcio Urn
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