La Giara

The Patti family of Santo Stefano di Camastra has maintained the artistry of La Giara since the 1950s. The name “La Giara” was inspired by the famed tale by Luigi Pirandello. In 1953, Sig. Patti started La Giara, and the studio has since been passed on to three of his sons. Sicily’s natural beauty inspires their work. Santo Stefano di Camastra is known to locals as the Tyrrhenian Pearl (La Perla Tirrenica).

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Sicilian Cerasa 10" Large Rooster Pitcher
Sicilian Cerasa 8.5" Medium Rooster Pitcher
Sicilian Cerasa 3.5" Mini Rooster Pitcher
Sicilian Cerasa Pair of Salt & Pepper Shakers
Sicilian Cerasa Limoncello Glass
Sicilian Cerasa Shot Glass
Sicilian Cerasa 15.5X4.5" Rectangular Cachepot Planter
Sicilian Cerasa Round Christmas Tree Ornament
Sicilian Enna Tall Mug
Sicilian Enna Mug
Sicilian Enna 10" Canister
Sicilian Enna 8" Canister
Sicilian Enna 6" Canister
Sicilian Enna 5" Canister
Sicilian Enna Demitasse Espresso Cup and Saucer
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