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Each centerpiece, statuette, and finial was handmade and hand-painted by master artisans in Italy. These glorious pieces of Italian home decor are true works of art and would add elegance and cheer to any room in the house. We chose each one personally. Finials are traditionally used to mark the top or apex of a structure, and many choose to place them on staircase railings or atop bookshelves. They add beauty to any room anywhere, and they would be gorgeous additions to your garden as long as they are brought in for freezes and thaws.

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Tuscan Chianti Rooster and Hen Pair
Chickens enliven the landscape of the Chianti Region, and this pair has been handcrafted and hand-pa..
$250.00 $200.00
Deruta Penna di Pavone Red Trophy Urn Centerpiece with top
Keep your treasures in this beautiful work of Italian pottery, which would add elegance to any room ..
$280.00 $224.00
Ricco Deruta Footed Trophy Wine Cooler
This ceramic trophy has many uses, but we just love the idea of filling it with ice and using it to ..
$280.00 $224.00
Deruta Griffin Inkwell
This ceramic ink well was handcrafted and painted by the artists in the traditional fashion. While q..
$100.00 $80.00
Tuscan Eden 13" Wine on Ice Bowl Centerpiece
Add some ice to this bowl and you have a most elegant wine cooler, perfect for parties. This ceramic..
$200.00 $160.00
Tuscan Montelupo Rooster with Sunflowers and Lemons
With his striking red color, this gloriously handsome fellow was handcrafted and hand-painted in Mon..
$350.00 $280.00
Tuscan Montelupo Rooster with White Flowers
This handsome fellow is festively dressed in white flowers on a blue background. He was handcrafted ..
$350.00 $280.00
Tuscan Montelupo Rooster with White Flowers
This handsome and proud rooster was hand-painted in Montelupo Fiorentino, Tuscany. He would be a won..
$240.00 $192.00
Tuscan Montelupo Flagon with Portrait Pair
Each of these Italian flagons, or bottles or jugs, was handcrafted and hand-painted by the artisans ..
$900.00 $720.00
Tuscan ND Dolfi Extra Large Decorative Bowl/Cachepot Centerpiece
The colors on this piece explode like fireworks. It is large enough to be used as a cachepot, but it..
$520.00 $416.00
Tuscan ND Dolfi Grapes Fruit Basket Centerpiece
A glorious celebration of the grape harvest in Italy, this Italian ceramic, or maiolica, basket of g..
$450.00 $360.00
Tuscan ND Dolfi 11" Stream Sphere Centerpiece
This wonderful piece of authentic maiolica, or Italian pottery, was handcrafted and hand-painted by ..
$480.00 $384.00
Tuscan ND Dolfi 11" Snake Sphere Centerpiece
The detail of this piece is astounding, as ND Dolfi are true masters of their craft. ND Dolfi draw t..
$480.00 $384.00
Tuscan ND Dolfi 16" Turtle Sphere Centerpiece
This Italian ceramic sphere is a wonderous piece of Tuscan decor. It would be lovely for anyone who ..
$480.00 $384.00
Tuscan ND Dolfi 16" Lizard Sphere Centerpiece
Anyone who has basked in the sun of the Tuscan countryside is familiar with the little lizards that ..
$480.00 $384.00