Tuscan San Gimignano 16” Round Serving/Wall Platter with Porcello

The talent that went into the artwork of this platter is stunning. It is museum quality work, and you may have seen ancient pieces of Italian pottery, or maiolica, that this piece resembles. A porcello is a small, young, pig. The stripe on the animal on this piece could indicate it is a Cinta Sinese, a breed of domesticated pig native to the region of Siena, Italy. Of course, it could very well be a cinghiale, or boar, or perhaps a mythical amalgamation of all these animals; it can be whichever you wish. This platter was hand-painted by San Gimignano artisan Elena Ricciardi. It is food safe and drilled to hang as decor as well.

Product Code: EXPL1

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