Tuscany (Montelupo Fiorentino & The Chianti Region)

Quality Handmade Italian Pottery from Tuscany

The Bonechi name and family come from the region of Tuscany. Bonechi Imports founder, Roberto, was born in the province of Florence. The region is in our hearts. When we travel to Tuscany for buying trips in Montelupo Fiorentino and Chianti, we visit our family and artisan friends at N.D. Dolfi, Marino, Tuscia, and La Chimera.

Each piece we import is authentic handmade Italian pottery. We hope you enjoy exploring our pieces from Tuscany and the other Italian regions we import from, including Apulia, Campania, Sicily, and Umbria. We offer free shipping in the Contiguous United States for orders over $100.

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Tuscan ND Dolfi Large Vase
Tuscan ND Dolfi
Sangria Pitcher
Tuscan ND Dolfi Tall
Pigna Pine Style Vase
Tuscan ND Dolfi Tall Vase
Tuscan ND Dolfi Pigna Style Umbrella Stand/Tall Vase
Tuscan ND Dolfi Umbrella Stand/Tall Vase with Fruit
Tuscan ND Dolfi Vase
Tuscan Olive Large Mug
Tuscan Olive Spoon Rest
Tuscan Olive Small Antipastiera
Tuscan Olive Pitcher
Tuscan Olive Small Pitcher
Tuscan Olive Cream Pitcher
Tuscan Olive Vase
Tuscan Papavero 5.5X4" Oval Dish