Fratantoni Ceramiche was one of the first artisans with whom we at Bonechi Imports worked in the 1980s. As a family of artisans, they create beautiful pieces of ceramics that reflect the island’s beauty in the ceramic-producing town of Santo Stefano di Camastra, Sicily.

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Sicilian Santo Stefano 8.5" First Stone Wall Plaque with Mythical Beast
$110.00 $88.00
Sicilian Santo Stefano 8X4" First Stone Wall Plaque: Pomegranate
$52.00 $41.60
Sicilian Santo Stefano 4X8" First Stone Plaque: Gourds
$52.00 $41.60
Sicilian Santo Stefano 8X4" First Stone Plaque: Cornucopia
$52.00 $41.60